PhonicsQ | PhonicsQ - The Components of the PhonicsQ System
The PhonicsQ system includes 118 picture cues housed in a variety of formats. You can also purchase the individual components individually. Posters, Wall Display Cards, Student Cueing Sheets, Pronunciation CD, and Playing Cards.
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The PhonicsQ Components

Great for beginning readers, special education, english language learners & adults learning to read


PhonicsQ Complete Set

The PhonicsQ system includes 118 picture cues housed in a variety of formats. All components fit neatly in a 9″ x 12″ x 1/2″ box:

• 118 Individual Color Wall Display Cards
• 4 Full Color Posters
• 5 Blackline Student Cueing Sheets
• Blackline Cueing Script
• CD for Pronunciation Guidance
• Pre and Post Assessment
• PhonicsQ Instruction Manual

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Wall Display Cards

The 118 individual cards provide the format for the teacher/tutor/parent to customize their lesson and simplify instruction. Each of the colorful cards is satin varnished with rounded corners for durability. The images were carefully selected and have been field tested in diverse educational settings. The pictures provide an easily recognizable and phonemically accessible cue for the individual grapheme being represented. The back of each card is printed with a list of words that fit that particular letter and sound pattern.

• Alphabet & Single Vowels
• Consonant & Vowel Combination

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The four 24″ x 31″ coated, colorful posters are intended to be a constant reference point in the home or classroom. They can and should be referred to for reading, spelling and pronunciation. Each poster is large enough to be seen across a classroom, school library, computer lab or student’s bedroom. They are small enough to fit into a school laminator.

• The Alphabet Poster
• The Single Vowel Poster
• Consonant Combinations Poster
• Vowel Combinations Poster

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Student Cueing Sheets

The 5 student cueing sheets make the cues portable. They are blackline masters and can be duplicated. Some creative uses include bingo and memory games, puzzles, a visual for students’ binders and a reference sheet for tutors. They create an important link between school and home.

A cueing script takes the students through the decoding process.

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Pronunciation CD

The CD provides a model for both the accurate pronunciation of each cue and sound and the process for introducing the picture cues. The CD also includes a pronunciation key for the phonetically regular nonsense syllables and the manual that can be read on the computer. The PhonicsQ CD was designed for use by teachers, students and parents and may be copied for educational purposes.

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Playing Cards

The 118 PhonicsQ Playing cards are 3″ x 4.5″ and in full-color. The deck also includes 5 “rule” cards and 4 blanks. They can be used for games, small group instruction and as flash cards.

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